Best marijuana strains of 2021

The best varieties of marijuana seeds in 2021, the most demanded and coveted by the vast majority of smokers,

around the entire globe.

Marijuana is in fashion all over the world, it has more and more followers than enchanted by its effects and its medicine,

They have it to ensure a satisfactory day to day.

Its wide range of medicinal virtues have recently been distinguished, the WHO has removed it from the list of dangerous drugs,

and has recognized its therapeutic qualities, so that in many countries legislation can be created to protect its cultivation and enjoyment.

This coupled with the growing investment and study on strains CBD, THCV, etc. has contributed to pharmaceutical companies, lobbies and others,

have focused their interest on investing in it, that it is listed on the stock market,

and that there is a real wave of creation of marijuana varieties especially in the USA, where the vast majority of strains that we include in this post come from.

 »A whole trend has been created around North American strains with completely unique flavors, which also more than cover the needs of any Cannabis gardener in production and quality»

Best marijuana strains of 2021

Following the incessant demands from customers for some of these varieties, we have incorporated them into our list of bulk seeds,

for being highly sought after, and also for the unique organoleptic qualities they offer.

Some of these strains have been cultivated for a long time, due to their productive and aromatic generosity,

They have aroused the interest of indoor growers, who require easy crops with a guarantee of good production.

In them you can find from flavors and aromas of toast, citrus, cookies, to vanilla, fruit, pineapple or earthy fragrances.

Its colors are varied and intermingle, awakening interest for its combinations of reds, yellows, ocher, blues, lilacs, magentas and greens.

The essential oils they contain have a different combination of terpenes, which is what creates these original aromas and flavors, in addition to influencing the synergy of their effects.

Any of these strains will be easy and fast to grow, reporting good harvests of buds rich in trichomes with exceptional aromas and flavors.

Some of them are classic, but with special therapeutic virtues, so that readers can discover in some of them their “panacea”, and breed them to benefit their health.

1st Blue Rhino

Blue Rhino is a wonderful strain of Cannabis, created by Positronics, whose lineage harbors genes from the famous Blueberry and White Rhino.

This crossing creates medium-sized indica plants that carry huge productions of hard buds, full of red fruit flavored resin.

Blue Rhino has a flowering time of 2 months, and a highly effective therapeutic effect against pain and insomnia, in addition to the large amount of trichomes it produces, which you can transform into high quality hashish .

Its therapeutic power is such that it has been awarded a BESFES award, which qualifies it as an excellent medicinal variety, capable of mitigating pain and especially inducing sleep, making it ideal for treating insomnia problems.

Plants and buds that mix purple, magenta and green colors, and orange pistils, all an attraction that will awaken in you the desire to taste it, that if, be careful with the stomp that the blue Rhinoceros can give you, it can be literally overwhelming.

2nd Afghan

Another legendary strain of Asian origin, which has a great search today, in its record it enjoys countless awards and versions,

since it has always been used to stabilize seed lines, and create new strains.

Afghan creates solid buds that are covered with trichomes in abundance, having so much that it is one of the most used marijuana plants for extracting oils and pollen.

Afghan has a flowering time of 2 months, and its cultivation is relatively simple, providing large, dense and heavy fruits.

3rd Gorilla Glue # 4

Gorilla Glue # 4 has broken the mold in terms of new genetics, morphology, and vigor, as it has an exceptional crossing Diesel Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Thai.

It has an extraordinary vigor in growth, creating lateral branches that usually grow close to the central trunk,

So this variety can also be grown in SOG, and take advantage of the incredible central tips to get a very productive harvest.

Its flavors of kola, herbs, citrus, intermingle, giving the smoke an intensity of flavor, from the first to the last puff,

and its euphoric effects will quickly envelop you outlining a permanent smile on your mouth.

Solid and bulging buds, with magenta, reddish and lilac colors, the result of its mixture with Thai Chocolate, will turn your pantry into a visual spectacle.

4th Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies is another American gem of high organoleptic value, as its buds give the flavor of cookies and typical pastry toasts.

Let’s say that its aroma is exactly the same as the one you feel when entering a bakery, which floods your pituitary with the smell of attractive toast.

It comes from a cross between a Durban Poison x Og Kush, which gives it that productive capacity and that unique and special aroma that makes it so in demand.

In just 8 weeks of flowering Girl Scout Cookies will give you up to 500 grams per m2 of cloying and resinous buds that you will savor in each puff, with a long and lingering aftertaste, from the 1st to the last puff.

Its relaxing effect is sublime, and will take you by the hand to moments of relaxation, and even to bed, where it will help you to rest and sleep straight away.

5th Ed Roshental

Ed Roshental Super Bud is another of the varieties that have been most cultivated in recent years throughout the Spanish territory,

due to its aromas and solid production, which ensures high harvests, rich in sublime aromas of pineapple and citrus.

Its cultivation is easy, a resistant plant that generates hard and uniform batons, due to its good branching and its short internodes.

You will harvest up to 500 gr / m2 in 8-9 weeks of flowering, with visually very attractive and fragrant buds, which give off earthy aromas and pineapple punch.

Its “balloon” effect mixes the mental effect with the physical, leaving a feeling of joy, along with a remarkable physical relaxation.

6th Gelato # 33

Gelato 33 is another gem from the USA, which has awakened Cannabis hunger in ganja smokers today.

It produces buds with aromas of vanilla ice cream, wrapped with fruity and acid nuances, with a long aftertaste on the palate,

that floods the mouth of its smokers filling it with its gustatory intensity.

Indoors, its medium and contained stature make it ideal for this crop, where it will grow with side branches with short knots,

that will create high yields of buds rich in dairy and fruity flavors, very appetizing.

In 9 weeks of flowering you will enjoy the flavors of Gelato 33, and its splendid production, in outdoor cultivation you will harvest it at the beginning of October.

Relaxing, indica-predominating mixed effect, but bearable.

7th Monster Cookies

Monster Cookies is another ganja that is in great demand for its aromatic qualities and relaxing effects, in addition to having in its list of awards at the Seattle Cannabis Cup 2014.

In its crossing, a Girl Scout Cookies x OG Kush intervenes, to create an Indica plant of medium height and good branching,

with little leaf and internodal spacing, which favors the creation of rock-hard buds.

Monster Cookies is quite productive, it will give you great yields both indoors and outdoors, with large caliber buds covered in aromatic resin.

In 9 weeks of flowering, or at the beginning of October, you will have a solid harvest of buds flavored with cookies and fuel, worthy of being served at a banquet.

8th 24 K Gold

24 K Gold is a strain created by DNA Genetics, which has special qualities both in production and in the quality of buds it creates.

Cross of Kosher Kush x Tangie, ensures a wonderful range of citrus nuances, mixed with earthy, and an overflowing fragrant intensity.

24 K Gold indoors creates well-branched plants, not very tall, capable of giving us about 500 gr per m2 of the best quality.

Outdoors it will give more than 1Kg per copy, ready at the beginning of October, get ready for its high harvest and for its psychedelic and uplifting effects.

9th Blueberry

Blueberry was possibly the first strain of USA origin, with different flavors that was offered throughout Europe.

Created by DJ Short, its genetics come from American growers, although Dutch Passion was the first bank to offer it in their catalog.

It is a somewhat slow-growing plant, which should not be overwhelmed with fertilizers,

It is in flowering when it unfolds its productive capacity and when it needs the adequate nutrients to give its best harvest.

It produces hard buds, with aromas of red fruits, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and humid forest, with that lilac coloration that makes it unmistakable, and so precious.

Its euphoric beginning effects are mixed with physical and relaxing, producing a highly contemplative effect.

10th Channel

Channel in bulk, is a version of the famous Channel + from Medical Seeds, an Indica plant that is very easy to grow, resistant and very productive.

Channel contains in its genes the “magic” of the Critical Mass strains, a descendant of the Big Bud x Skunk cross,

creates solid, tight and hard buds, frosted with Indica resin with relaxing and sedative effects.

Its flavor of jams and earth makes it irresistible, and you will enjoy its powerful flavor in all puffs, providing you with a sublime and long-lasting relaxing effect, ideal for evenings on the couch and relaxing.

Do not miss the new 2021 varieties, which you can enjoy with their best quality and bulk version, so that you can grow them for a reasonable price and obtain those new and unique flavors so requested.

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