CBD Cannabis Oil inhibits tumor cells

CBD Cannabis oil inhibits tumor cells , is the conclusion after many studies carried out over years.

A few years ago, the first cannabis strains with high CBD were created .

The success was resounding, since an alternative in Marijuana was needed that did not place as much, and rich in Cannabidioles (CBD).

Thus, when sowing and harvesting the plant, the user has a Marijuana with low psychoactive effects , and more therapeutic.

The extract of these plants is widely used to treat various ailments with considerable success.

To the point of being able to find Cannabis derivatives in Pharmacies, GrowShops, Dispensaries and clubs, etc.

CBD and THC molecules inhibit tumor cells

CBD Cannabis Oil inhibits tumor cells

How does it work?

Almost all land mammals have an endocannabinoid system.

Endocannabinoid System

This regulates various functions, immune, nervous and motor, mood, stress, appetite, pain, pleasure, etc.

Let’s say we have endocannabinoids, and their corresponding receptors.

THC and CBD fit perfectly into CB1 and CB2, receptors present in our cells, as they are fully compatible.

TCH and CBD are analogues, they form symbiosis, CBD regulates the psychoactivity of THC, and THC reinforces the therapeutic properties of CBD.

The more CBD, the more medicinal the plant, and the oil.

This is extracted from varieties rich in CBD, and is mixed with olive oil or other vegetable oil.

The CBD oil is ingested, depositing a few drops under the tongue, thus it passes into the bloodstream in a few minutes,

reaching our brain, and it believes that it has produced it, processes it and sends it to cells that demand it.

This is how it reaches the areas affected by tumor cells, and as these go against DNA,

the oil makes them unable to feed, as it increases the production of Ceramide.

Ceramide stimulates the production of the P8 protein, which triggers a whole series of genetic responses,

that lead to the Apoptosis of Cancer cells (cell suicide) , dying from dehydration, unable to reproduce, drying out.

Cannabis and its anticancer action

Cannabis oil with CBD, “respects” healthy cells , only acts on tumor cells , which go against DNA.

And also on a wide range of diseases, which we will address in the following Post on therapeutic applications of Marijuana.

At Dojacannabisus, we want to keep you informed of the latest advances in research and therapeutic applications of Marijuana.

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