How to combat the caterpillar of marijuana?

When August arrives, along with it, the fearsome caterpillars make their appearance.

These Lepidoptera, arrive to ensure their progeny, and ensure their offspring for next year.

To do this, they will lay eggs on your plants, and when the larvae hatch, they will feed on them including leaves and buds.

 They will drill and create tunnels through which they move, filling the buds with droppings, and inviting Botrytic fungi and molds, to develop and thus ruin your weed crop.

As nature’s design, we witness a hunt, to which lions, hyenas and vultures are invited.

These will devour your aromatic gazelles, leaving you with nothing but a few buds for you to savor.

 But how to keep the caterpillar at bay?

_ When August arrives, we will observe the underside of the leaves in search of eggs, if we find them we will destroy them manually.

-After observing eggs under the leaves, it is recommended to make a 1st application with  Decis Protech , to prevent them from hatching.

 With observation of the plants, we will detect the appearance of the first caterpillars, since it is in their first larval stage when they are most voracious.

 When we see them, we will  eliminate them manually if possible , this action will reduce their number considerably.

-We will apply  Decis Protech  or Cordalene every 3 or 4 days , soaking all the leaves and buds well, since the caterpillar dies from being poisoned by digesting the plant tissues, and not by contact with the Bacillus .

_ Knowing its months of appearance, (from July, to September-October), we will apply the insecticide every 7-10 days.

– Thus we will exterminate the first offspring, thus preventing them from laying eggs , and infesting our plants.

Although we have advanced flowering, we should not worry about the safety period of Cordalene, as it is only 4-6 days.

In addition, it is ecological, so if there is a plague at the end of flowering, we can apply the Bacillus without risk of consumption.

In a few days the annoying caterpillars will disappear, but we will continue to apply the product every 4 days, to avoid risks of new outbreaks.

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