How to prevent and eliminate Botrytis, Powdery mildew and Fusarium in Marijuana

How to prevent and eliminate Botrytis, Oidium and Fusarium in Marijuana – discover the best prevention and elimination methods.

When September finally arrives, the marijuana harvest is approaching, and also the rainy season and increased humidity.

Right now, my cannabis plants can be invaded by devastating fungal and mold pests.

 Botritys, Powdery Mildew, Fusarium and stem rot,

are some of the attacks that your cannabis plants can suffer.

Here we show you different methods to combat them.

– The powdery mildew or mildew , is recognized by the circular white spots that cover the plant tissues, like mottling.

Powdery mildew in a marijuana leaf, the white or powdery spots are the spores that the fungus produces for its reproduction.

Once it is present, its elimination is more complicated.

 The best way to avoid powdery mildew and other fungi is with prevention;

Applying Propolis (Propolix)  during the growth cycle.

Use products rich in Silica such as Diatoms, Horsetail, Pro-Silicate from Grotek, Mineral Magic from GH

It will help strengthen the cell walls of your plants and make them less palatable to fungi and sucking insects.

The incorporation of Trichoderma H. or mycorrhizae , promote a healthy root development.

Combined with Silicon it will be a reinforcing pump for your roots, which will provide them with vigor and natural defenses.

If your Cannabis has contracted Oidium, you can combat it with Potassium Bicarbonate or, failing that, Sodium Bicarbonate.

Adding a good amount to spray it, measuring the pH of the resulting water for the application.

It must be at 8.5 ph , to raise the Ph of the tissues of your marijuana plants.

Thus the fungus is not comfortable, and cannot live in the plant with that Ph.

We can also use any PH-UP that raises the PH of the water to be sprayed above 8 to 8.5 PH.

The Domark-Evo , is a specific systemic for the treatment of powdery mildew, which you can find on our website.

Also Elosal GD from Bayer Garden will help you to eliminate it ecologically.

– Fusarium , or wilt fungus.

You can see the rot and necrotic tissue caused by the fungus.

– Both with Fusarium, Phytium, and Botrytis mold , we must apply the preventive products that we detail in advance.

We can only prevent it from ruining the harvest, cutting and cleaning the affected parts , to prevent the rot from spreading to the rest of the marijuana plant.

The scissors or tools that we use, we must disinfect them with alcohol , so as not to spread the infection to other plants.

So remember, with fungi and molds, the best remedy is prevention, use it, it will be your best weapon.

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