Is it harmful to smoke cannabis mixed with tobacco?

In many countries, there is the custom of smoking marijuana and its derivatives mixed with tobacco , a custom acquired from the tradition of smoking Moroccan hashish, along with rolled tobacco.

At the arrival of the wave of marijuana in the 90’s, the inclusion of seeds from the Netherlands, favored the self-cultivation of marijuana , and introduced the consumption of grass, reducing that of Moroccan hashish.

But the custom of “rolling marijuana joints” mixed with tobacco was moved , and to this day, this custom, healthy or not, continues to set the pattern of consumption throughout the country.

But is smoking Cannabis mixed with tobacco harmful?

Inhaled cannabis and marijuana have bronchodilator effects on the lungs , being suitable for reducing symptoms in some cases of asthma.

It is the effect of smoking only marijuana, or inhaling it vaporized, we will notice an immediate opening of the airways.

With hashish smoked alone, the same thing happens, if we smoke it in a pipe, bong or vaporized, we will obtain the same sensation, easier to breathe.

Even mixed with tobacco, it causes this bronchial dilation, but the smoke from tobacco can increase toxicity.

But which substance is more toxic?

Cannabis and tobacco smoke are very similar , with cannabis containing more ammonia, hydrocyanic acid, and nitrogen oxide. (1)

The smoke from the snuff however, contains high levels of polonium -210, lead, arsenic, nicotine and nitrosamines . (1)

The tar released from tobacco and cannabis is also released when either of the two substances is burned.

Despite the toxic substances contained in marijuana, it has not been possible to establish a relationship between its use and lung cancer .. (2) Professor David Nutt.

Possibly, the high toxicity of tobacco depends directly on the addition of additives, from the tobacco industry, such as ammonia, sugar, honey, menthol, chocolate , pesticides, etc.

In addition to about 7,000 substances, of which 70 cause cancer (arsenic, beryllium, benzene (a toxic metal), 1,3-butadiene (dangerous gas), cadmium (toxic metal), chromium (metallic element), nickel, oxide of ethylene (metallic element), polonium-210 (radioactive chemical) or vinyl chloride) and others that are also toxic to the human body.

So how does marijuana and tobacco affect smoking together?

At first, smoking this mixture  produces an increase in blood pressure and heart rate, which disappears in half an hour or more.

To make way for a more relaxing effect, the reverse effect, lowering blood pressure and slowing the coronary rhythm.

Smoking only marijuana, in cigarettes or pipes, is more aggressive for the throat , since the resins contained in cannabis have a somewhat irritating and expectorant effect.

So it is normal to experience a cough after a single puff , with which we will also notice an increase in pulse, and depending on marijuana, an increase in blood pressure.

But is smoking cannabis mixed with tobacco harmful?

The main risk of the mixture of tobacco and marijuana, is that when bronchodilating marijuana, the toxic substances of tobacco can be absorbed with more intensity.

Although sporadic consumption in this way has little impact on health , even helping to improve or alleviate some diseases or disorders.

The healthiest thing is to inhale or smoke marijuana or vaporized hashish, without tobacco

This mode of cannabis consumption eliminates the risks of absorbing substances that do not belong to marijuana.

And that can generate greater toxicity, in the human body, especially with high and repeated consumption.

Well, when smoking in a vaporizer, Cannabis vapor is inhaled or inspired, without combustion smoke , being much lighter on the lungs.

In addition, we will only feel the pure effect of marijuana , without interference from tobacco, which mask or change its effects.

In this way it is much more medicinal, as well as less addictive , by eliminating the addictive nicotine.

It also reduces the effects of Cannabis somewhat, because when smoking these two substances together, a small iteration is created, which makes each other stronger.

Creating a different, wider and more complex effect than smoking marijuana alone.

Although there is a study by the University College of London, it does not affect the increase of high or psychoactive effects. (3)

They even reveal that combined consumption would reduce the harmful effects of cannabis on memory. (3)

Chandni Hindocha, director of the experiment, and researcher at the Department of Clinical Psychopharmacology of the University, affirms that there is no evidence that it alters the subjective experience in the participants of the experiment, so mixing tobacco and marijuana does not place more. (3)

How can we reduce risks when smoking mixed tobacco and cannabis?

With the use of suitable filters, we will considerably reduce the levels of toxic agents that reach our lungs.

On the market there are different types of filters suitable for smoking both pipes and rolled cigars.

Like the famous  Tune’s , which inside carry small particles of charcoal, to which tars, nicotine , and other substances from combustion adhere .

The Tune’s are used with pear wood pipes , where they fit perfectly, or bundled as spouts for joints.

When using them we will notice a remarkable relief in our lungs and throat , respecting the taste of marijuana and its effects.

Also RAW filters , or any type of filter that retains part of the toxicity of combustion, will be useful to retain toxic smoke.

We hope this post helps you, and improves your smoking experience.

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