Root stimulators in marijuana cultivation

Root stimulators are essential in the cultivation of Cannabis and other plant species,

They are responsible for providing the adjusted nutrients and the “key” substances that roots need to develop and grow.

When the plants are small and barely have roots, they need a diet adjusted to their size, as well as other products,

that stimulate the roots to generate more absorbent hairs, and thus be able to increase the absorption of nutrients, the development of the root and that of the plant.

 «Roots are the digestive system of plants, first the root grows, and then the plant, the more the root grows,

the more nutrients it is capable of absorbing and the more growth the plant obtains. »

The root system is influenced by bacteria in the soil or substrate, which represent a weak but necessary balance,

since the transformation of the minerals that are part of the marijuana diet depends largely on them.

Some of these root complexes, even serve in the propagation of cuttings, due to the substances that it provides to the stems,

activates the mechanisms for creating new roots, accelerating their propagation.

Root stimulators in marijuana cultivation

Root stimulators facilitate the start of plants after germination and transplantation, ensuring a correct anchoring to the substrate,

and providing the nutrients that the roots need at that time, in order to obtain a rapid and extensive development.

What are root stimulators made of?

Root complexes can be formulated with different products, algae, minerals, microbes, plant extracts, vitamins, hormones, etc …

We are going to break down the root stimulators into 4 groups for their correct differentiation, by their content and range of action.

They are usually in NPK micro-fertilizers, as they have to provide nutrients in an adjusted quantity, to the size of the roots and plants,

It is like comparing the food of an adult human to that of a baby that only eats mother’s milk and porridge, since its body cannot digest a heavier food.

They can also be composed of microorganisms, as they are responsible for breaking down salts and substances in the substrate,

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and provide it to the roots within a symbiotic culture, in which microbe and root mutually benefit.

Others are reinforced with hormones, usually gels to propagate clones, these only serve us to make cuttings,

they would not be worth to develop root, only to remove it.

And others use humic and fulvic acids, as a source of cation and anion exchange in the soil, rich in microorganisms,

they accentuate the decomposition and transformation of minerals for plants.

Advantages of using root stimulators

The use of supplements for the roots has many advantages for growers, as they facilitate the vegetative start of the plants.

The initial attachment of the roots to the substrate is of “vital” importance, especially in indoor crops,

where speed and speed of response is required because they are crops that last 3 months,

and it is essential to obtain a good growth rate, to comply with the cultivation time that is required, and thus be able to carry out 3-4 crops per year.

Root complexes ensure rapid activation of growth in the rhizosphere,

In addition, plants treated with root enhancers initially develop faster than plants that have not received them.

Due to its formulation adjusted to the seedlings and sprouts, they do not produce overfertilization, unlike NPK fertilizers.

How to use root complexes?

Root stimulators are applied by default after transplantation, thus enhancing its growth from the beginning, and that of the plant.

They are added in each irrigation, soaking the substrate just enough, so that the small roots find the substances they need on their way,

and unfold their full potential in extensive development and volume.

It is important that the roots grow extensively, and develop an important mass of absorbent, healthy and vigorous hairs .

This is done by the root complexes, which, endowed with stimulating, regenerating and protective substances,

they ensure better protection against fungal attacks and other pathogens, such as radiculars enriched with Trichodermas and other arbuscular mycorrhizae.

There are 2 phases of the crop in which the addition of a root stimulator is of vital importance , the beginning of vegetative growth,

and the beginning of flowering.

In the 1st phase the roots begin their development in volume and expansion within the substrate, promoting growth in the plant in height, volume and maturity.

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The 2nd phase is the one prior to the start of flowering, here the plants begin their structural adaptation to be able to generate their flowers,

and they need to expand their roots, absorb more nutrients, and transform their structure, so that it allows them to support the weight of the flowers they will create.

In the 2nd phase, the application of a root complex is also vital so that the roots obtain the appropriate size and density, it depends on this, that the plants can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients, and turn them into a generous bud harvest.

Therefore, we advise you to use the roots especially at the beginning of the crop , with the maximum dose,

and  continue with a softer application at least until the 3rd week of flowering .

Some of these complexes with microbial bases are somewhat sensitive to chemical fertilizers for marijuana,

but organic fertilizers can be used, which do not damage it and contribute to its development, so that they constantly transform nutrients for our plants.

For this, a fertilizer of natural and ecological origin must be added, and to correct the pH better use an organic corrector ,

such as those that use citric acid as a regulator.

Root stimulators in marijuana cultivation

Among the different brands with root stimulators, you will find these products in mineral or organic version,

You must choose the most appropriate to the line of fertilizers with which you are going to fertilize, to obtain the best response from your plants.

Each brand offers root stimulators with different components, all of which will encourage the roots to grow and develop.

You can use them not only in Cannabis, but also in any plant species, vegetables, etc. .. which will enhance their roots.

In marijuana plants, specifically in indoor crops and autoflowering plants, it has a special effect by improving

the initial development , contributing to a better adaptation of the root to the substrate, and avoiding stops and arrests in growth.

This avoids problems of homogeneity, height and development between plants in the same indoor crop,

and in autoflowering, it contributes to a faster and more complete development, preventing lack of development,

that end up in auto plants of small stature, and ridiculous productions.

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Among the most famous and effective, and with the best quality / price ratio is Canna’s Rhizotonic in its natural version,

With its use you will surprisingly increase the volume of your roots.

Plagron’s Power Roots is another formidable ally, a great promoter of the growth of huge masses of roots, of 100% organic origin,

confers energy for the rapid creation of absorbent hairs and their regeneration.

Roots Excelurator, is a concentrate of organic matter, and humic acids of extraordinary richness and purity,

It is considered one of the best roots on the market , and you can also use it to make cuttings, dipping its stems in it

before putting them in the tacos and the propagator.

Root Booster is another 100% organic root enhancer that pushes roots to grow and grow, surrounded by microbes that are beneficial to plants and their rhizosphere.

Clonex is another of the root propagating gels to make cuttings , with which you will obtain the ones you want, its concentration in indole butyl acid makes it an infallible ally in the propagation of clones, generating more and stronger roots.

If you want an organic root propagator, of totally natural origin, I Clone is perfect, even for propagating cuttings of woody plants or other plant varieties.

Root Stimulator by Advanced Hydroponics, is another natural product, which provides the roots with explosive growth,

while keeping them healthy and easy to absorb nutrients.

Root Wizard by Emeral Harvest is an enhancer based on 6 strains of rhizobacteria, which promote overflowing and healthy growth,

accelerating the transformation of nutrients, for the benefit of plants.

Tarantula and Piranha are two very powerful root stimulators, which provide different strains of bacteria that enhance the growth and health of plant roots, also influencing a much higher final production.

Any root stimulator you use will notably improve the development of roots and your plants, each with different characteristics and components, but all relevant and decisive in terms of the influence they will exert on the growth and health of your plants.

It is a basic and simple product that will awaken in the roots and plants, the reaction of growing exuberantly,

and they will help you obtain vigorous, healthy plants, and prepared to give the most copious, heavy and profitable bud harvest.

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