Smoking Marijuana CBD Is Positive On Drug Test?

The recent introduction to the market of hemp seeds with a high content of CBD, has opened a range of possibilities to its consumers.

They can smoke all day, without feeling high, without diminishing their motor or mental abilities, without feeling heavy or confused.

These plants usually contain levels of CBD, as high as or higher than THC, and these two substances modulate their effects on each other.

Let’s say a THC level of 9% and 1% CBD has a prominent consumer effect.

If we raise the CBD just a few degrees, the psychoactive effect of THC almost completely disappears.

Well, the calming and compensatory effects of CBD, mitigate the psychoactive ones of THC.

They are analogous substances, which recognize our Endogenous Cannabinoid System.

Are CBD plants suitable for consumption when driving a vehicle?

Plants with high levels of CBD minimize the effects of THC , also contained in plants.

By modulating the effects of the two molecules on each other, much of the psychoactive effects produced by THC disappear.

Being latent, those of CBD, much lower, but with symptoms that can lead to drowsiness, fatigue, excessive relaxation, etc …

It is therefore much safer to drive a vehicle under the influence of marijuana rich in CBD, than a plant with THC.

»Actually, the DGT drug tests penalize the consumption and positives of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), and not a degree of affectation, or level of THC in the blood«.

Although they do not leave us psychoactive effects, CBD marijuana is not without THC.

Most strains contain almost equal levels of THC and CBD.

Created for users who like to smoke, but not to get high, the new CBD strains often contain both THC and CBD.

This fact makes us not feel the effects of THC, because as we mentioned before, even levels of these two substances modulate and reduce their effects, one on the other.

Smoking Marijuana CBD Is Positive On Drug Test?

Smoking CBD marijuana can test positive for DGT saliva.

Well, although we do not feel the effects of THC, it is present in CBD marijuana.

Although we do not get high, when we smoke, inhale, or ingest it, THC is present in CBD Cannabis.

So it will pass into our blood and tissues, testing positive in any saliva, blood or urine test.

And by consuming this medium level of THC, you will carry it in your saliva prepared to test positive for drugs.

What to do to smoke marijuana and not test positive on the drug test?

We do not rule out that a high level of CBD may influence false positives in THC , since the “Entourage” effect is well known .

Or entourage effect, in which the different alkaloids, flavonoids and terpenes present in Cannabis, act together, enhancing each other.

The entourage effect can increase the probability of a positive saliva test , due to the synergy created between the different substances present.

There is a new generation of feminized seeds, which do not create more than 1% THC, the rest are quite high levels of CBD.

Elite Seeds, a bank specialized in specific THC, CBD and THCV contents, offer several alternatives in photodependent and autoflowering seeds.

If you want a suitable season variety so as not to test positive in the narco-test, we believe that the most suitable is Solodiol .

Containing less than 1% THC, and up to 24% calming CBD, this strain is ideal for not feeling high. You will enjoy a lucid and pleasant effect, as well as a great pine-ginger flavor.

Dutch passion has created Charlotte, s Angel CBD, with a high level of CBD, and less than 1% THC, it owes its name to Charlotte.

Charlotte , a girl with epilepsy, overcame her illness thanks to Cannabis CBD, a fact that marked a milestone in the cannabis world.

In addition, these strains are available in an autoflowering version, in case you don’t have enough space, or you want to harvest them in less than 3 months.

Smoking Marijuana CBD Is Positive On Drug Test?

Stas plant varieties with specific and concrete cannabinoid levels, reduce the chance of a false-positive THC .

They contain much less THC, than any CBD variety on the market , which do not high but have a medium THC level.

Even so, despite not containing more than 1% THC, a repeated consumption of a few joints a day,

it can increase the level of THC in the body, and give positive in the DGT Test, so it is best not to abuse its consumption if you are going to drive.

CBD marijuana has been a relief and a very valuable option for Cannabis smokers,

that for recreational or therapeutic use require continuing to enjoy smoking some rich CBD buds.

They will also enjoy its flavors, without feeling overwhelmed by its psychoactive or physical effects.

With all its medicinal virtues, and soothing anxiolytics, without any harm to your body or your mind.

Feminized CBD seeds, enjoy your marijuana, without worrying about its psychotropic effects.

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