Urticaria and Marijuana Allergy

Marijuana affects each individual in a different way, depending on this and their immune system.

Marijuana is a Cannabacea, but it shares genetics with Nettle (Urtica Urens), famous for its nutritional and therapeutic qualities.

But also by injecting histamine when it comes into contact with human skin.

It is a defense mechanism that many plant species have, which they use to drive away animals that are consumers of them.

Cannabis plants contain almost invisible pointed hairs in their leaves, which, like their resins, can produce allergic symptoms.

But we are going to differentiate by their type of affectation, cutaneous (by contact) with the living plant, and with the harvested and dried plant.

And by inhalation of its already dry resins, or by direct consumption, that is, smoked or ingested.

Skin condition from contact with marijuana

This is produced both by touching the plant when we water it, as when we can, or harvest.

The tips of its leaves produce small punctures in our arms, which end up forming small welts.

These are similar to small mosquito bites, with itching, redness, and irritation, often leading to short-term or long-term rhinitis.

In subjects with high allergic sensitivity it can be really annoying, although it is normal for them to be episodes of short duration.

What to do to avoid a skin allergy to marijuana

Marijuana can trigger an allergy or Urticaria, in a fresh and dry state, both its plant tissues, its resins and odors.

As well as being careful when consuming it, although in general, consumers who have this allergy are usually habitual, and used to it.

It is a type of Urticaria or contact allergy, individuals who present these symptoms easily, should exercise extreme caution.

More if it is handled in closed rooms, with little or no ventilation, only the large amount of odors, it can already generate in some people the famous annoying reaction.

It does not usually have a bad time, of tearing, sneezing and itching, but all this can be avoided, with a few simple tricks.

– Cover your arms and legs with clothing if it is summer , this will prevent the plants from depositing their histamine on our skin.

– If our skin comes into direct contact with the plant, wash with plenty of soap and water, and then dry with a clean towel.

If we wash immediately, before the histamine takes effect, we will almost certainly avoid getting the Urticaria.

– If we only touch it with our hands, we must avoid rubbing our eyes , this would cause a championship irritation.

Affection for touching the eyes after handling marihana buds

– If you touch your eyes, and suffer irritation, wash them with plenty of water, dry with a clean towel and wait for the tears to pass.

Urticaria and Marijuana Allergy

The best ways to prevent and avoid it.

Inhalation respiratory allergy

Whether you are an active or passive smoker, or if you inhale its resins during the drying and manicuring process, marijuana can cause allergies.

When drying, their trichomes shed more easily, and can be introduced through the nostrils, eyes, or deposited on the skin.

When entering through the nostrils, it will cause nasal irritation, and even oropharyngeal, with sneezing, tearing and mucus.

What to do to avoid allergy to inhalation marijuana?

First of all, keep in mind that this allergy does not occur when the plant is green, but dry, in green it gives off odor and aromas.

This is because the green plant does not shed pollen or plant tissue that can be inhaled, unlike already dried marijuana.

– Use a mask and gloves to handle the dried buds and resins, avoiding as much as possible an excessive approach.

-When marijuana is dry, it can generate an allergy just by inhaling, rubbing, or dropping some dry resin on the skin.

– If we are very susceptible to allergies, when manicuring dry marijuana, it is better to wear clothes that completely cover arms and legs.

– Also goggles, which prevent resin from getting into our eyes, and irritate them, giving us a hard time.

With these small protection measures, we will avoid having an unpleasant time when we handle our plants.

Thus contact with our friend plant will always be less problematic, and will not generate unpleasant episodes.

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